Why a blog? It struck me that most people are interested in behind the scenes. I know I am. So, here’s a place for just that; sweet and savoury recipes, profiles, stories and pictures that tell you a wee bit more about what we do.

Hi, I’m Jeni

I started Bad Girl because I love to bake.  I’m definitely more of a banana bread than a sourdough baker (more of that later). While I understand the science of baking (I can laminate with the best of them!) that’s not what interests me. The cakes I bake are far closer to home baking than multi-step process baking. That’s what we bake in the shop and that’s what I want to share here.  Our approach to savoury food is exactly the same. Great ingredients and no fuss recipes with hints and tips for maximum flavour.

I started as an enthusiastic (although not always successful) home baker with absolutely no training and here I am with an actual bakery, a cafe serving sweet and savoury, an amazing team and a craft baker qualification. I can’t quite believe that I get to bake cakes with wonderful people for a living and people actually buy them! 

Our Cakes

I’m interested in flavours, textures and making cakes that taste of more than just sugar. I’m driven by flavour combinations that are interesting and that work; cakes that are seasonal, tempting, inviting and make you want to choose them as your treat.  

For me baking is about the occasional indulgence that’s worth it. It’s about baking being a process that brings you joy.   You’ll not find recipes with hundreds of steps, that require loads of specialist kit; we’re not big on artificial colour and we don’t use fondant.  It’s about baking with the best ingredients, recipes that celebrate texture and flavour but that are inspired by home baking techniques. They are doable, fast, with simple steps and tricks that yield the tastiest results and look great without hours and hours of work.  It might not surprise you to find out I’m not a patient woman…

A bit about Bad Girl Bakery

Bad Girl Bakery is a bakery, cafe and cake wholesaler based in the Highlands of Scotland. We make everything from scratch, by hand in the same way you would at home (our mixers are just a bit bigger).  Bad Girl started as a wee, at-home bakery (where 6 cakes a week was busy) and now we produce tens of thousands of portions of cake a month, have a cafe serving cake, coffee, breakfast and lunch, employ 20 staff, teach classes and courses and wholesale our cakes across the Highlands .  Our clients include all of the National Trust in North West of Scotland, The Caledonian Sleeper, Scottish Canals and other cafes across the Highlands.